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Make file error in ADT

Question asked by Hitu Sharma on Apr 17, 2015


I am trying to use ADT(Application development toolkit) to cross compile the simple helloworld application.

I followed the following steps.:

1. Create your directory: Create a clean directory for your project and then make that directory your

working location:

$ mkdir $HOME/helloworld

$ cd $HOME/helloworld

2. Populate the directory: Create hello.c,, and files as follows:

• For hello.c, include these lines:

#include <stdio.h>



printf("Hello World!\n");


• For, include these lines:

bin_PROGRAMS = hello

hello_SOURCES = hello.c

• For, include these lines:






3. Source the cross-toolchain environment setup file: Installation of the cross-toolchain creates a

cross-toolchain environment setup script in the directory that the ADT was installed. Before you

can use the tools to develop your project, you must source this setup script. The script begins

with the string "environment-setup" and contains the machine architecture, which is followed by

the string "poky-linux". Here is an example that sources a script from the default ADT installation

directory that uses the 32-bit Intel x86 Architecture and using the dizzy Yocto Project release:

$ source /opt/poky/1.7.1/environment-setup-i586-poky-linux

4. Generate the local aclocal.m4 files and create the configure script: The following GNU Autotools

generate the local aclocal.m4 files and create the configure script:

$ aclocal

$ autoconf

5. Generate files needed by GNU coding standards: GNU coding standards require certain files in

order for the project to be compliant. This command creates those files:


6. Generate the configure file: This command generates the configure:

$ automake -a

7. Cross-compile the project: This command

compiles the project using the cross-compiler:

$ ./configure ${CONFIGURE_FLAGS}

8. Make and install the project: These two commands generate and install the project into the

destination directory:

$ make

$ make install DESTDIR=./tmp

in the last step when i run the command make, i  got the error

error: NO such file or directory


when I created a Make file with following attributes:



$ make CC=gcc hello

  gcc -o hello hello.c

I am getting the following error:

Makefile:4: *** missing separator.  Stop

kindly resolve