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Trying to set up Kinetis Design Studio with KSDK

Question asked by James Carter on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by Iva Susnova

I am going through the Document "Getting Started with Kinetis SDK (KSDK) " and in section 5.3, it is asking to build a Library Platform.   I navigate to <install_dir>/lib/ksdk_platform_lib/kds/<device_name> but it doesn't appear to cover the device I am working with:  The board is the TWR-KL25Z48M  and the device is MKL25Z128.  Windows Version: 2.0.0 Kinetis Design Studio and Version 1.1.0 KDSK.  The only options they have for KL are KL03Z4 and KL46Z4