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DSC Flasher Error 1: Address out of range with MC56F84763

Question asked by Daniel Bronson on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by Daniel Bronson

I have an application running on the MC56F84763 which I normally load to the IC using the Codewarrior Eclipse IDE 10.6


I would like to begin using the DSC Flasher program to load the program to the DSC, but I continually get an error every time I tried to program with DSC Flasher.  The error reports:
Error 1: The Address 0x00060000 is out of range given the flash memory space parameters


After digging through the DSC Flasher application, I know that MC56F84763 uses the memory model in MC56F84769_mem.tcl.  I have compared the memory locations and spaces that are default in the file mentioned and my application.  They look the same, and so I expect them to be compatible.


My application sets the security bits on the Flash memory so that the program cannot be read after writing.  I am wondering if anyone knows - are the security bits being locked the thing that is throwing this error in DSC Flasher?


Thanks for the help!