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Ethernet TCP, delay on send()

Question asked by arnogir on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by arnogir


I'm working on the tower K60n512 with MQX4.1.1.


I init the RTCS like following:


setsockopt(.. SOL_TCP, OPT_SEND_NOWAIT, true..) 
setsockopt(.. SOL_TCP, OPT_SEND_TIMEOUT, 10..)



Then in cyclic task (5s) I call

send(.., buffer, 5) with buffer is a counter incremented on each send call.

I make toggle a pin just before call send(). After check with oscilloscope, the call to "send()" is really done every exactly each 5s.


I link Ethernet to my laptop with wireshark.

The received frame is not cyclic of 5s. Sometime a delay of 2s can occurs!


32 14:48:58.708895000       TCP 60 502?60226 [PSH, ACK] Seq=61 Ack=1 Win=4380 Len=5
33 14:48:58.926112000       TCP 54 60226?502 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=66 Win=16428800 Len=0

34 14:49:03.571633000       TCP 60 502?60226 [PSH, ACK] Seq=66 Ack=1 Win=4380 Len=5
35 14:49:03.574697000 Dell_02:63:cd IcannIan_a8:01:7d ARP 42 Who has Tell
36 14:49:03.777609000       TCP 54 60226?502 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=71 Win=16427520 Len=0

37 14:49:04.573087000 Dell_02:63:cd IcannIan_a8:01:7d ARP 42 Who has Tell
38 14:49:04.573365000 IcannIan_a8:01:7 d Dell_02:63:cd ARP 60 is at 00:00:5e:a8:01:7d

39 14:49:10.081473000       TCP 60 502?60226 [PSH, ACK] Seq=71 Ack=1 Win=4380 Len=5
40 14:49:10.298146000       TCP 54 60226?502 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=76 Win=16426240 Len=0
41 14:49:12.086411000       TCP 60 [TCP Retransmission] 502?60226 [PSH, ACK] Seq=71 Ack=1 Win=4380 Len=5
42 14:49:12.086479000       TCP 54 [TCP Dup ACK 40#1] 60226?502 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=76 Win=16426240 Len=0

43 14:49:13.571434000       TCP 60 502?60226 [PSH, ACK] Seq=76 Ack=1 Win=4380 Len=5
44 14:49:13.777004000       TCP 54 60226?502 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=81 Win=16424960 Len=0


Twrk60 has ip =

Laptop has ip =


I see a good frame #32 and #33 (Request from tower/ Ack from laptop)

Same for #34 and 36

But the #39 should arrive at time 14:49:08.xxxx ut arrive at 14:49:10.xxxx so there are in late! (very late! 1s...)


#43/#44 has the good time.

I don't understand why this frame is send with this late,  why Retransmission is done 2s later? (#41)


For my application, I would have to send frame with a very speed (every 10 or 100ms...) but with simple test (one frame every 5s) sometime some frame are very delayed!.

Have you an idea why?

Note: nothing else is done on K60. Only Ethernet load the µC..