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SDRAM Address testing

Question asked by Queenie de Melo on Nov 15, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2008 by Ramesh Ganesh R
 Wanted to know the below:
I wanted to know..... How the address given by the processor, say 0xA0000000 is the memory mapped address of the sdram. And the SDRAM is a 32MB which is 16M x16 datalines. 
Now there are 24 address lines used... 13 (A0-A12) for Rows + 9 (A0 -A8) for columns + 2 for Banks (BA0,BA1)
now if i want to write to the 0xA0008000 location (meaning A15 is high) but there is no A15 address line connected.
hence i wanted to know which address lines would be high and low for accessing memory location 0xA0008000
Can someone help me with this?
2. also wanted to know... How can i test the SDRAM address lines with the help of JTAG.
Awai your reply.