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Current Consumption of MMA9553L?

Question asked by Wenxue Wang Employee on Apr 16, 2015
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Hi Sir :


Customer: Beijing HTSmartech


The customer is now using our sensor MMA9553L. They are very cared about the current consumption. I searched all the documents and found the following results about current consumption:










I have a lot of doubts:

1) What's the meaning of "Supply current in RUN mode", does it mean the sensor in a moving state and it is calculating?

2) What factors influence the current consumption? And what measures customer can do to reduce the consumption of MMA9553L?

3) What's the meanig of "Inject"?

4) If the sensor are always in a moving state, what's the current consumption of it? And if is static, what's the consumption?


Any comments would be appreciated .


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