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on board I2S interface for TWR-K60f120m

Question asked by pallenna PRSR on Apr 15, 2015
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Tc Liew,

Hi Chung,

i am new to i2s interface,now i want interface of on board two I2S's for TWR-K60F120 using I2S communication for this what can i do first. i think it is possible right. for this communication  i made I2S0 as Master and I2S1 as Slave mode. my theme is, to send one byte data (ex, 0x1)from master  of I2S0 to Slave of I2S1 and receive the  one byte data(ex 0x2) from Slave of I2S1 to Master Slave of I2S0. so for this please if have code please post here.and i have I2S driver code also with this  i tried only transmission without slave device initialization for testing of clock line and data line observation on port lines,and the code also posting here so please check it once and inform where i did mistakes in the initialization. 


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