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K64F USB Host

Question asked by Jeff King on Apr 15, 2015
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I am coming from MBED.  I am trying to connect our USB device to the K64F board through USB.  I was able to get this working with MBED, but I am very new to KDS.  I'm also slightly new to this microprocessor world.  So, sorry for my ignorance.


I figured out how to install the Kinetis SDK 1.1 with KDS.  I choose my board K64F and create a new project with the SDK and Processor Expert.  I then find the USB components:






See my errors below, I'm not sure


Unassigned peripheral (Device)   fsl_uart_hal1/Device
Unassigned peripheral (TxD)   DbgCs1/TxD
Unassigned peripheral (RxD)   DbgCs1/RxD
Error in the inherited component settings (fsl_uart_hal)   DbgCs1/fsl_uart_hal
Unassigned timing (Baud rate)   DbgCs1/Baud rate
Timing setting failed in Clock configuration 0 - it is impossible to set the following items: selected value (Input clock frequency [MHz])   usbFmw1/Input clock frequency [MHz]
Unassigned peripheral (Device)   DbgCs1/Device


Any ideas on how to get USB Host mode setup for K64F using KDS?