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Question asked by Adrian Rockall on Apr 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by Adrian Rockall


I think there is a problem with either the PEx for the KSDK or the KSDK. I added the usb_framework component to my project (created with PEx + KSDK + MQX for the K64FN1M0VLQ12 processor) and generated the code. In Components_Init the following two lines were added:

  (void)usb_host_init(USBFMW1_USB_CONTROLLER_ID, &usbFmw1_Handler);
  (void)usb_host_register_driver_info(USBFMW1_USB_CONTROLLER_ID, (void *)usbFmw1_DriverInfoTable);

but I think that should be:

  (void)usb_host_init(USBFMW1_USB_CONTROLLER_ID, &usbFmw1_Handler);
  (void)usb_host_register_driver_info(usbFmw1_Handler, (void *)usbFmw1_DriverInfoTable);

E.g. the second line should have the usbFmw1_Handler as the first parameter and not the USBFMW1_USB_CONTROLLER_ID.

It also appears there are issues with the task priority levels as the default ones are too high once the OSA has added 7 to them. I have had to reduce them to 5 (one in the Host mode settings section plus a couple in the usb framework code).


Is it likely that future KSDK / PEx updates will make it easier to add a file system and HID stubs to the USB host mode and fully implement the hub, etc?


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