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CAN-Example does not work on MPC5634M

Question asked by Markus Thral on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by Markus Thral

Hallo guys,


i'm working with a Freescale TRK-MPC5634M Rev B for a project in our university. And important to say, I'm new in this topic.


I want to use the Flex-Can-Interface and found this example:


Example TRK-MPC5634M Initialization of SBC chip MC33905 and FlexCAN


I downloaded the zip, opened it with CodeWarrior and downloaded it into the RAM and also in the Flash-Memory of the board.

The Jumper J5 is set correctly, and also the CAN-Enable-Jumper are set. Also the Board is power by an external power supply.


I use Busmaster and an ETAS es581.2 to see, if the CAN-Interfaces works, but nothing happens. Also on the oscilloscope shows no activity on CAN-High or CAN-Low.


Is there anything else to do, or should it work and there is another failure?


I would be very happy if anybody could help me.


Regards Markus