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SPI in KL25Z with 2 slaves

Question asked by Xiaocong Fu Employee on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2015 by Alice_Yang


I'm now working with SPI in KL25Z using PE. I want to connecter the SPI with 2 slaves.

For the first chip select, I have chosen PTE/SPI1_PCS0, and with the second, no matter I choose PTB10/SPI_PCS0 or PTD4/LLWU_P14/SPI_PCS0/UART2_RX/TPM0_CH4, I always have an error: "Only one pin resource with CS0 feature can be contained in the Chip select list".

So I'd like to ask how to solve this problem, or if it's possible to connecter 2 slaves at the same time with SPI of KL25Z.

Thanks in advance for your answers!