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Changing the operating mode of A5 core and implementing CPU to CPU interrupt in mcc

Question asked by gurdeepak joshi on Apr 14, 2015
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a) Changing the operating behaviour of A5 core =>

We are running linux on Cosmic Phytec VF6XX board, in order to reduce the power consumed by the board, we require A5 core to switch to ultra-low power mode when it is idle. Can you specify how to achieve this in linux ?

Note: We have identified power modes for Vybrid. Please find attached power-mode.png


b) Implementing CPU to CPU interrupt in mcc =>

We have identified existence of cpu to cpu interrrupts in mcc but how to trigger interrupt from a mqx program and handle those interrupts in linux. Do you have some documentation regarding that on the same board ? Please find attached cpu-cpu-interrupt.png