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MQX time between ticks

Question asked by Guillaume Tiffineau on Apr 14, 2015
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I have questions about ticks in MQX.

I didn't find the time between two ticks in MQX.


I have a k60 @100 MHz


I would like to know the time between two ticks.


I would like to know exactly the time elapsed between two ticks.


I want to use the functions _time_delay_ticks and _time_diff_nanoseconds.


If I call the function "_time_delay_ticks(10)", what is the real delay?


If I want to measure times under the 5ms period, can I use the function _time_diff_nanoseconds()? Is it return the exact number of nanosecond elapsed or only a multiple of 5ms ?


How can I have a resolution around 10 nanoseconds ?