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MIPI Display doesn't show anything

Question asked by Antoine Charon on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by Antoine Charon

Hello everybody,


I'm currently working on the i.MX6Duallite. After I configured the mipi-dsi driver (mxcfb_hx8369_wvga.c) in order to match my panel (480*800, 3.97 inch), I'm trying now to display the picture saved into the frame memory.

The problem is that the only thing displayed after unblanking the frame buffer is a black screen with only one line of white pixels. I've tried to change many things in my driver's code but apparently this one works fine.


Does somebody know what could be the problem?

Another question, does somebody know where we can find the picture's initialization?


Please help me, I wanna see the pinguins on my screen...



Antoine C