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T4240RDB Development

Question asked by Lester Houston on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by varun k jayan

I have two main questions...


1.  I'm attempting to perform some development on the T4240RDB.  I'm trying to follow the instructions provided in the Linux SDK for QorIQ processors.  The documentation seems to imply that the pre-installed system is capable to performing some tasks out of the box such as developing and compiling a simple hello world program, but gcc doesnt appear to be part of the pre-installed system.  Is there a way to get gcc installed on the system for natively compiling source code?  Is yocto needed to have the ability to natively compile code?


2.  The T4240RDB unit has a SD card slot, but it appears that the system wipes the SD card upon every boot.  Is there any way to store data on the unit that will persist across boot cycles?