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Hardware Signal Ambiguity - cfg_rcw_src(0:4), most significant bit?

Question asked by Bob Korkuc on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by LPP

I am a hardware engineer and am confused by how to associate the cfg_rcw_scr(0:4) to the actual Hardware Signals. The confusion results in not being able to determine the most significant bit for the cfg_rcw_scr bits.


For the hard coded table shown above, Table 4-32, for a 1_0010 equating to cfg_rcw_src(0:4), what is the most significant bit, cfg_rcw_src[0] or cfg_rcw_src[4]?


For the LGPLx hardware signals shown below, it is ambiguous which is the msb when you write cfg_rcw_src(0:4) = 1_0010. Hardware convention suggests that the left most digit is the msb and it is cfg_rcw_src(0).




Cfg_rcw_src[0] = LGPL0


Cfg_rcw_src[1] = LGPL1


Cfg_rcw_src[2] = LGPL2


Cfg_rcw_src[3] = LGPL3


Cfg_rcw_src[4] = LGPL5



Can someone clarify the ambiguity?