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MC56F8002VWL 2M53M do not work like MC56F8002VWL 1M53M?

Question asked by Jimmy Sylvain on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2015 by Fiona Kuang


      first of all thank you for your answers. Here is my situation. We have designed a couples of years ago an electronic board which was working with a Freescale Digital Signal Controller MC56F8002VWL 1M53M. This chips has been replace by a new one (MC56F8002VWL 2M53M). Freescale said this new chip is same fit same fonction as the old one. But why this chips do not work. I do exactly the same programming procedure. To be sure that it is the MC56F8002VWL 2M53M the matter, I have replaced it by the old one and the electronic board is fully functionnal. I'm using CodeWarrior V8.2.3. I think my problem is the file 56F80xx_init.asm. To be clear, I can programme this new chips, I can change it operating mode (Programme or Run) but when it is in Run mode, notting happen!


Thank you!