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iMX6Solo : Register setting for using the RXC,RXFS signals instead of the TXC,TXFS signals

Question asked by koichi sakagami on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by igorpadykov

Dear community,


We designed the custom board wrongly as follows.

The i.MX6Solo (slave) is connected to the DSP(master) with RXC,RXFS,RXD,TXD signals
in synchronous mode (4-Wire interface).

In reference manual Synchronous Mode (4-Wire Interface),
it is described that a 4-wire interface use  TXC, TXFS,RXD,TXD signals.


We referred the Reference manual sect.16.6.7 "Port Timing Control Register 4 (AUDMUX_PTCR4)" .

We set the AUDMUX_PTCR4 register to h'4210_8800 ".
    TCSEL[3:0] - 1xxx Selects RXC from port.
    TFSEL[3:0] - 1xxx Selects RXFS from port.

As a result, the i.MX6 4-wire interface does not work correctly.


In order to verify the register settings without "Port Timing Control Register 4 (AUDMUX_PTCR4)" ,
we modified the hardware connection between i.MX6 and DSP with RXC , RXFS signals.
Now the i.MX6Solo (slave) is connected to the DSP(master) with TXC, TXFS,RXD,TXD signals
in synchronous mode (4-Wire interface).
Then i.MX6Solo 4-wire interface work correctly.
We think that the register settings without AUDMUX_PTCR4 are approximately correct.


Is the AUDMUX_PTCR4 vaule wrong ?
Is it necessary to set the other registers other than AUDMUX_PTCR4 register ?
Could you advise to us any hints ?

Best Regards,
Koichi Sakagami