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Pixel distortion with X11

Question asked by Philipp T on Apr 12, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by Philipp T

I have board with i.MX6 cpu and 7" lcd display, connected as parallel rgb (18-bit).

When i run the vivante samples as native open gl with framebuffer, it's all ok. The samples where shown on the display as expected.

But when I try to work with the X11 server i get heavy pixel distortion. It looks like the bpp used by X11 does not match the bpp of the lcd.

I tried already to change the 'DefaultDepth' value in the xorg.conf, but with no success.

The same problems appear in Yocto (Dora) with X-server version 1.14 and Ubuntu 12.04 with X-sever vesrion 1.11.

Also the distortion is not static, the pixels are flickering.


Below you see an picture of what i mean. The background should be a simple linear gradient from red to green.

I think it's a problem with the X-server because if i stop the server (for Example with 'service lightdm stop' in Ubuntu) the distortion stops and the background is shown as a smooth gradient.

It affects not only the background, also the icons, scrollbars, borders, etc.




Does anyone has an idea to solve this?