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Debugging problems

Question asked by Filip Dossche on Apr 10, 2015
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I keep getting erratic debugger behavior. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

I regularly get the folowing error: "Error setting BP @xxxx" and "Error removing BP @xxxx".

xxxx is a hex number.


Regularly but less frequent it simply can't connect to the target.


It is a real nuisance because when it happens I have have to restart KDS, clean the project, rebuild and try it again.


Doe anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do to correct this ( setting, config, ? )


My setup is like this:

     - KDS 2.0.0 with additional tools to support KL03Z processor (toolchain etc...)

     - FRDM-KL03Z board.

     - The debug configuration uses the "OpenSDA Embedded debug - USB port" interface.


I have noticed the "Debug shift frequency" is set at 5000 Khz and cannot be changed. The associated comment says it should be set at +/- 1/6th of the target clock rate.

maybe that has something to do with it because I know the board starts at 8 Mhz. I have to change the settings to make it work at the 48 Mhz i need.