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Would it work while I use i2c3 for hdmi

Question asked by jie jia on Apr 10, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by jie jia

I am trying to install Linux on our custom board similar to the I.MX6Q Sabresd board. Linux version: 3.0.35.

On the Sabresd board HDMI uses I2C2, and on our custom board HDMI uses I2C3.

In arch/arm/mx6/board_mx6q_sabresd.c:

static struct fsl_mxc_hdmi_platform_data hdmi_data = {

  .init = hdmi_init,

  .enable_pins = hdmi_enable_ddc_pin,

  .disable_pins = hdmi_disable_ddc_pin,


The function of hdmi_enable_ddc_pin would set the IOMUX:MX6DL_PAD_KEY_COL3__HDMI_TX_DDC_SCL,MX6DL_PAD_KEY_ROW3__HDMI_TX_DDC_SDA. However, I can not set the IOMUX, while i use the i2c3. Would it be ok while i use i2c3?