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Is it possible to design around i.MX6SX without DDR memory? How should I configure those pins (float/ground...)? Can I save some power rails?

Question asked by Francisco Benito on Apr 10, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by igorpadykov

Hi all,


We are starting a design around a i.MX6SX micro, and the software guys do not want to use DDR memory (just a simple Flash memory will be enough for them, they say, though they plan to run a light linux on one core and MQX on the other)


As we are really constrained in both PCB area and power consumption, I would like to get rid of DDR interface, and not power up related banks on the micro, so I can save a power rail, and lower the consumption. As the Hardware development Guide for Solo X is still not released, I don't know what would be the proper configuration (floating,/grounding pins) or if it is possible at all to do that.


In fact, I should simplify the power tree as much as possible, and I am not being able to find much information on it (we won't use any of the external interfaces but 2 x I2Cs,1 x SPI,1/2 x UART and SDIO, so no need to power up many peripherals, if possible)


Any advice is welcome