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MQX 4.1: Use Spi with Chip Select Strobe Enable

Question asked by arnogir on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2017 by Radek Sestak



I'm using MQX 4.1 on some Kinetis µC (K70, K60...)


I'm looking for a way to use the SPI Chip Select signal with Strobe option.

DataSheet indicate SPIx_MCR_PCSSE have to set to 1. By this way PCS5 become a strobe signal.


§53.2.4 of K60p144 datasheet:

When the DSPI is in master mode and the MCR[PCSSE] bit is set, the PCSS signal acts

as a strobe to an external peripheral chip select demultiplexer, which decodes the PCS0 -

PCS4 signals, preventing glitches on the demultiplexer outputs.


But I not found in the MQX_IO_USer_Guide.pdf any way to use this mode.

Are they a IO_Ctl command to do this? I read in the MQX code, I'm not find a line which set SPI_MCR_PCSSE bit.???


Thank for your help