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Struggling with _time_delay_ticks hanging up tasks.

Question asked by Jeremy Gordon on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2016 by Ruben Jonsson

I have a trivial program with two tasks running at the same priority in MQX Lite, when one of the tasks executes a _time_delay_ticks(10) the other task is correctly swapped to and runs code like this:


while(1) {





The task will loop about 20 times and then freeze and the other task is never run again. Removing the SEGGER_RTT call makes no difference.


If I replace the _time_delay_ticks() call in the first task with _sched_yield() then everything works fine but without the delay of course.


My spider senses are telling me that maybe I have something configured wrong with the system clocks (I'm using processor expert and a custom k20 board).


Does that seem likely and if so, what is the simplest clock configuration I can use to get to a working state, or are there any common gotchas involved with tasks and _time_delay_ticks.