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KDS fails to debug, reports Java heap space error

Question asked by Filip Dossche on Apr 8, 2015
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I have been struggling for a while with various problems an I think I finally came up with a solution on last Thursday.

I am using KDS on a 64 bit windows machine. Right at the time of finding a solution my debugger on the FRDM-KL03Z was working erratically.

Something happened so the whole KDS just crashed.


Ever since then I keep getting error messages about "colouring source files" whenever I try to debug again.

The error has something to do with there not being enough "java heap space".


I have tried just about any trick in the book, and then some, but I am stuck with being able to build the application without an ability to debug.


I have been at it all day and have found no solution so far, any out there with suggestions as to what has gone pear shaped ?