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Does IMX6 suits our project

Question asked by Omda Dhahri on Apr 8, 2015
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I'm new with Freescale community, so hello everyone. Well, I would like to have some guide from you to help me selecting the suitable product for our project.In fact, we want to develop a real time full-duplex audio and video application, this application must be monitered by a 7" capacitive touch screen LCD  (the GUI application will be developed by QT). First, we were working in collaboration with a Chinese company but we didn’t find a big support from them, also their Linux system was not stable and we found a big problem to integrate graphic libraries such us SDL, directfb and the X11 was not supported by their Linux system, that’s why we decided to look for another company and we guess that your IMX family is suitable for our project. From your website, it seems that you have a series of IMX6, so could someone advise me what should be the suitable one for our application and I'm intersted if you have a development kit based on your IMX6 processors to test our application. Well, I still have some questions but I need to have,first, an answer for these questions.