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I want to handle interrupts of a FRDM- K64F with code and without processor expert in codewarrior or kds

Question asked by Alejandro Velez on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by Alice_Yang

Hello, I follow the K64F datasheet and configure the registers in codewarrior like this:


    NVICISER1 = 0x10000;

    NVICICER1 = 0x10000;

    NVICISPR1 = 0x10000;

    NVICICPR1 = 0x10000;

    NVICIABR1 = 0x10000;

    NVICIP12 = 0xF0;


    PIT_MCR = 0;

    PIT_LDVAL0 = 1000000;


    PIT_TCTRL0 = PIT_TCTRL_TIE_MASK | PIT_TCTRL_TEN_MASK;          //To enable Timer interrupts


to generate PIT CH0 interrupts, but when i run or start to debug the system keeps looping in this method of kinetis_sysinit.c


void Default_Handler()





and I don't know how to handle the interrupt for the timer