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i.mx6 gstreamer corrupted video on 1366x768 18bpp LVDS output

Question asked by Filippo Visocchi on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by Filippo Visocchi

Hi all,

maybe I'm loosing something big, but I can't run gstreamer/gplay on a 1366x768 lvds 18bpp panel.

I have an lcd connected to LVDS0 on a custom i.MX6 board.

X runs fine and QT / SDL too.

With both kernel 3.0.35 and 3.10.17 I find that gstreamer displays wrong colors and looses sync when I do a simple gst-launch videotestsrc ! mfw_v4lsink.

Videos played with gplay has the same errors.

The very first impression is that both gstreamer and gplay run at 24bpp.

In ldb.c I've added the lines:

    /* VGA 1366x768 85.5M pixel clk output */
    "VGA-WXGA", 60, 1366, 768, 11696,
    213, 70,
    24, 3,
    143, 3,


I see the correct parameters on kernel command line from /proc/cmdline and the display is correctly selected in ldb_disp_init.

I've tried to change almost all parameters for the video timings, with no luck.

On a 1024x768 or 800x480 LVDS everything runs fine.


Any ideas about this ?