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MCLIB difference between regular and high_speed_inlining?

Question asked by Josh Jordan on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by Josh Jordan

I've been having ongoing problems using MCLIB to make a PMSM motor turn.  I had been using Cortex_M4_high_speed_inlining.a, when I try to set a speed the motor holds the current position harder until an integral component winds up.  Reversing the speed target makes it wind down drawing less current to hold the same position and then it winds back up drawing more current and holding the position hard again.   I tried using Cortex_M4.a instead.  Code execution time is only a few microseconds longer in the main current loop and should not interfere with operation.  Results are that this version of the library sets pwm values to extreme values, draws too much current, and causes gate driver errors.


What are the differences between Cortex_M4.a and Cortex_M4_high_speed_inlining.a besides slightly longer execution time?


We are expected to use these libs to control powerful and potentially dangerous motors, are there any plans to make the source code available?  I could answer most of my own questions with access to the source code.  I am uncomfortable being responsible for powerful motor driver while not being allowed to know how the code works.