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Need Help with SD card image with working gcc, OpenCL and example of using OpenCL shader

Question asked by Alexander Kramer on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by Andre Silva


since two weeks I'm trying to get OpenCL working on Sabre SDB Board. (SABRE for Smart Devices Reference Design)

There is one PDF "White Paper | Get started with OpenCL on i.MX6"  (…)

I tried to get through it: The board support package referenced there seems to be not existent any more and some dependencies are brocken. I took latest BSP instead.

I tried installing ltib on Ubuntu 14.04: After two days and many issues finally get it compiling. Failed at the very end and image building because some kernel files which are supposed to be on freescale server were not existent any more. The ltib script was not able to get them from other server either: they are just not there.


I have installed the Vivante SDK on Windows with emulator and can compile and run opencl example there.


I have a running Yocto on Sabre Board, kernel 3.10.53 and I have another "chroot" environment with gcc,cmake and other build stuff. I can compile and run arbitrary code there as long as it doesn't use OpenCL!


As soon as I include it seems to have many dependencies which are not clear:,, and some wayland stuff.

After another couple of days I got the OpenCL "hello world" from white paper compiled  (after fixing 5-6 issues there) but if I start it I get error message:

      • undefined symbol wl_registry_interface


My question is rather simple: Is there anybody who could provide complete SDCARD image for the mentioned board with working OpenCL?. A filesystem for chroot using kernel 3.10.53 would also be a great help.


Just for reference here are some md5sum hashcodes of headers and libs I've tried:


ab7cd3a124af4381f3a66d8ac3bacbb0  ./media/mmcblk3p1/usr/include/CL/cl.hpp

801cd16dda62704b450865d4e752a9c5  ./media/mmcblk1p1/usr/include/CL_orig/cl.hpp

7625c9f38bbca0e97dbf7c272d53c219 ./media/mmcblk1p1/home/data/gpu_viv/opt/fsl/include/CL/cl.hpp


698841f89f5e50f942eb34e70b2de929  ./media/mmcblk3p1/usr/lib/

1fe9a4875d55bf041a0a382234cb77ea ./media/mmcblk1p1/home/data/gpu_viv/opt/fsl/lib/