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TWR-SER USB Mini AB female connector change to USB Mini B

Question asked by sohalpatel on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by sohalpatel

As an amateur electronic hobbyist please be gentle on my limited knowledge, having said that, I do have some programming skills but soldering iron is one thing i would use only in dire need. I am trying to use the USB feature of my Kinetis K60F120M oard Now looking at the connector on my TWR-SER I failed to find a suitable cable. For my convenience, I would like to replace the USB mini AB type female connector with a more generic USB Mini B type female connector. Can anyone suggest if what I am thinking is feasible in the first place? If so, has anyone tried it? Any suggestions in this topic would be very useful. I seriously don't want to blow away my board.

USB Mini-B Plug.jpgUSB-miniAB.jpg