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IMX287 - Intenal pullup on an input GPIO pin didnt bring it to 3.3V

Question asked by Thiagaraja Muralidaran on Apr 6, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by Thiagaraja Muralidaran

I am trying the pullup configuration of the pin GPIO2_16 in the IMX28 evaluation kit. This pin is named as SSP2_SCK in the EVK and it is not terminated, basically it is floating. I wrote a Linux driver and configured this pin as input and enabled the internal pullup. Following is the code extract of my driver,


#define GPIO_2_16               16


/*  Set GPIO2_16 as GPIO pin*/


/* Set GPI02_16 as input*/


/* Enable Pullup */



After this I checked the voltage at the pin GPIO2_16, I am expecting to see the voltage of 3.3V since I enabled internal pullup.  But I see the voltage of 0V.  Am I wrong in assuming that the internal pullup should bring voltage to 3.3 V when that pin is floating? Or are any configurations are required to enable the internal pull up properly?


Thanks in advance