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56F8013: Flash

Question asked by Giacomo Petrini on Nov 12, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2007 by William Jiang
I need to store a parameter in the flash. The problem is that I need to store it something like 300'000 during all the life time of the board, and the flash has a number erase-write cycles = 10'000 (minimum).
I'm thinking of using an array to stoer sequentially the parameter (that is something that continues to grow, so it's not very difficult to get the last value), but my question is:
How is the flash erased? Words, Banks, ...?
Because, if it's erased in words it's ok, I can do what I've written before, if the erase procedure erase more than a word using an array is useless because every time I erase and write all the array is erased and rewritten...


Bye Jack