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codewarrior 10.0 locks up

Discussion created by Micheal Cebasek on Nov 12, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2007 by Micheal Cebasek
Hi there.
I hope this is the correct forum to send this message to.
I have codewarrior 10.0 running on Mac OS X (Leopard).
Since installation of Leopard, I can run the program, however, when I go and attempt to quit after compiling ANY program, even the simple ones that come with the program, I have to force quit.
I would like to reinstall the program, but cannot find the .dmg file
a) is anyone else having this problem?  Did you resolve it?
b) is there a link for codewarrior 10.0 dmg on the web.  I have tried to find it to no avail.