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KW2x zigbee development using Beekit and Keil

Question asked by kedari krishna on Apr 6, 2015
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I am working with KW2X Zigbee MCU.I have installed  BeeKit Wireless Connectivity Toolkit and able to create required Zigbee application (like HaOnOffLight, HaonOffSwitch)  IAR Project .I can load and debug this IAR Project with OpenSDA on TWR-KW21D256 development board.

Hers is our problem ,my Company have Keil commercial license but not IAR. So we starting porting same IAR project to keil but IAR libraries  are ".a" where as keil libraries ".lib".

We also found that Beekit have full source code for the libraries used in IAR Project. So here are our questions:

1) Can we generate .lib files using corresponding source files ?

2) If yes ,What is the effort involved in generating .lib files ?

3) If no,How can we start development of KW2x using Keil?