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MMA955XL development recommendations

Question asked by Peter Holm on Apr 6, 2015

I'm interested in replacing a PIC16LF1823 and MMA8452 combination with the MMA955XL device, to save BOM cost and board area. 


However, it uses the very old Coldfire V1 core, and it is very hard to find information about what software and hardware is required to develop for this device.  Is the MMA955XL in active production, or has it been deprecated?  What is the minimum required programming device and SDK to compile a custom firmware into your KITMMA955XLEVM evaluation board?

Also, what is the supply current below 1.5V?  Although the MMA8453 is rated at ~1uA minimum power, it actually draws 15,000 uA at around 1.4V, due to some undocumented silicon short circuit effect.  This makes it unsuitable for battery powered operation.  Does the MMA955XL behave similarly?