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declaration syntax error on keywords like public:, const, virtual

Discussion created by kalyanasundaram S on Nov 12, 2007
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Hi all,
   I am new to the codewarrior. I have got an old netware c++ project source to do some fix.  In the access path i have removed all the invalid paths and added the other include, lib paths for the project. While compiling it gives declaration syntax error for public: and const and few more basic errors on a netware header files which is not part of the project but which is part of the netware sdk.

I am wodering how it would happen on this. I am missing some very basic stuff here. I checked the file mapping for the compiler option too. It shows NLM MW c/c++  x86. I hope thats the correct c++ compiler. I use the 4.2.6 version  of codewarrior.

Any help on this is appriciated. Thanks in advance.