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Android support (booti and fastboot) for U-Boot v2015.01 (RIoTboard)?

Question asked by Xavier on Apr 4, 2015

Hi! I've downloaded Android sources (SVN2705) on Embest website and it works absolutely fine. However, U-Boot in these sources is a 2009 version with no official support for the RIoTboard if I'm not mistaken. I've therefore downloaded the latest stable version (i.e. v2015.01 ATM) which moreover offers some new functions I need. The problem though is that this latest version doesn't offer fastboot and booti for Android images. Hence my question:


Has anybody successfully added Android support to a recent version of U-Boot?


I've been trying for some weeks now but the differences between 2015 version and 2009 one are significant. I can't touch anything without "destroying" anything else.


I can't say I'm desperate but this is quite exhausting.


Thanks in advance!