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Roadmap for KSDK 1.2

Question asked by Roy Shea on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by Iva Susnova

Is there a public road map for the changes that are expected within the upcoming release of the KSDK 1.2?  I know that there is planned additional support for a few KL devices.  I am interested if there are significant API changes within either currently supported peripherals or services such as the osa.  Alternately, is there a beta version of the KSDK 1.2 available that I can begin working with?


I am trying to judge the work that will be required to port:

  • A KSDK 1.0 project using manually implemented KL26Z  support forward to the KSDK 1.2, and
  • A KSDK 1.1 project using the K22 forward to the KSDK 1.2.