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What is the debug console used for (fsl_debug_console)?

Question asked by dave408 on Apr 2, 2015
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I've looked online for more information on this, but have come up short.  I'm interested because every time I use PEx, as soon as I add MQX this component gets added and it has to be configured.  Until now, I've just selected a random UART and configured it to make the errors go away, but now I actually need to use one of the UARTs and want to understand what fsl_debug_console is all about.


I tried to figure it out by temporarily fixing the PEx errors, generating the code, and then searching for references to fsl_uart* and DbgCs1.  The generated code files are empty.


So what is this actually used for?  I'd like to remove it if possible, but I recall reading a post from another user here that had some execution problems when the files were removed from his project.