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M54455EVB USB Does Not Work!

Discussion created by Barry Upshaw on Nov 10, 2007
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I do not believe that USB support in the Linux BSP for the M54455EVB is actually functioning - but perhaps I'm missing something.  I have tried both the built-in FS/LS port (selected using S1-4 to disable the ULPI interface) and the OTG UTMI/ULPI.  I have tried both host and device connection on the OTG port as well as host only ("A" connector) for the FS/LS port with HID and Mass Storage devices.  Here are more details:
1) The USB_VBUS_EN pin never goes high, so neither the ULPI interface nor the FS/LS connector ever see a bus pullup - thus nothing can ennumerate!
2) I have probed U929 to verify this.  The ENB pin NEVER goes high, so the FS/LS "A" connector VBUS pin never gets pulled to VCC (5V).
3) I see that the Linux support is there (usbfs is mounted, OTG host registered, usb hub support registered, etc.).  I NEVER see any entry in /proc/bus/usb when any type of device is connected.  This is to be expected since VBUS never gets enabled.
4) Even without VBUS power, D+ should still (???) get pulled-up so a HID or MS device should still ennumerate through a self-powered hub - doesn't work though?!? 
I suspect, at this point, that USB support for this BSP isn't actually FUNCTIONAL - but that isn't described in any errata I've seen.  Has anyone actually used this EVB, and figured out how to get USB to work?!?
Also (see my other post on CPLD issue), I'm convinced that the FlexBus interface to the CPLD is not functional as specified (either the CPLD code actually has it mapped somewhere else, or it's non-functional).  This is relevent to the USB issue (possibly) because the CPLD controls the ULPI reset signal (to select either the FS/LS on-chip PHY, or the OTG external ULPI PHY under either firmware or S1-4 control).  Obviously the CPLD is working and programmed (LEDs blink, other important stuff is working).
So...  This is my FIRST experience using a ColdFire product.  I need to choose between an AMCC PPC405 and the (cheaper) V4 ColdFire for a new product.  So far, the ColdFire EVB isn't impressing me!!!
BTW:  Note that you need to remove the back panel connector shield to actually get proper contact for the OTG mini-connector.  "They" didn't make the cutout large enough to get a standard mini-cable through!!!
Anybody out there using this thing with any success (USB that is)?!?