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I get both rising and falling flags on my CMP0 callback function (KL03Z)

Question asked by Filip Dossche on Apr 1, 2015
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My application uses the CMP0 component.

When the callback function stops at the point where a rising edge is detected it invariably shows falling and rising flags simultaneously but there is at least 70 microseconds between the two events. (see screenshot).



I have enabled high hysteresis level and filtering but nothing helps. Any ideas or suggestions as to what may be wrong ?


More details:


I have added counters each time a rising or falling edge is detected: When I make it stop at the first rising edge the rising counter is correctly set to 1.

However, the falling counter is set to 7 or so. How can you get multiple falling edges (interrupts) without rising edges in between ?

I have worked out how to set up the KL03Z at 48 Mhz instead of the standard 8 Mhz which was used before hoping that might help but it makes no difference at all.


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