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Configuring Master SPI Bus Speeds via PEx?

Question asked by Tharon Hall on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by Tharon Hall

I am using a K22F part and I need to configure the SPI bus in Master mode. In PEx under KDS, when I go to the spiCom1 component, and under the "Master mode" tab I can setup bus configurations. There is a "Clock rate" column that allows one to set up the clock rate. You can click on the value shown and get an button that takes you to a "Timing dialog - spiCom1/Clock rate" window. You can choose values based on 5 clock configurations. However, I don't know what is setting those clock configurations, and anything above 2.14MHz gives me an error, even though higher frequencies are listed.


I suspect I need to tweak the clock configurations, but I cannot locate where they are set. The modules references an fsl_clock_manager, but when I go there I don't see anything that actually sets up clock configurations.


Can anyone tell me where those are set up?