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imx35 missing sdio interrupt

Question asked by Sudheer D on Apr 1, 2015



I have a product based on imx35, Linux kernel 2.6.31. At times, when doing read/write to the SD card, I am getting the error "mmc0: Timeout waiting for hardware interrupt."

I found that there is an errata on this (ENGcm11186 "eSDHC misses SDIO interrupt when CINT is disabled").


Gmane -- PATCH mmc: sdhci esdhc imx: Fix SDIO interrupts


In the patch, it was mentioned that "Currently SDIO interrupts do not work on i.MX53 and maybe others".


So my questions are,


1. is this errata applicable to imx35?


2. Seems the patch for this issue is meant for latest kernels. Can someone help me in applying the patch to the 2.6.31 driver? I have attached the 2.6.31 mx_sdhci.c source.





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