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low power modes K60N512

Question asked by Luiz Melek on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by Daniel Chen

I am still using TWR-K60N512 with MQX.

Datasheets says there are 10 power modes: run, wait, VLPR, VLPW, VLPS, LLS, VLLS3, VLLS2, and VLLS1

Some other datasheet also says there is a VLLS0

However, MQX just offers RUN, WAIT, STOP, VLPR, VLPW, VLPS, and LLS.


Are there VLLS3-2 modes ? Is there a VLLS0 mode ? How exactly can I configure and use them with MQX ?

That is really confusing...


My idea is that MCU is always in the lowest power consumption. When a timer (Low Power or RTC) interrupt or a button (LLWU) is pressed, interrupt routines are exectuted and MCU wakes up ( maybe at 2MHz or even lower). After executing some functions it goes back to the lowest power consumption.

I just need a timer and a pin interrupt.


Thanks in advance