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Are there any configuration settings needed to make memtool work on the i.MX51 and i.MX53 processors?

Question asked by JOE MEHIGEN on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on May 8, 2015 by JOE MEHIGEN

We can see the i/o has been memory mapped ok, but memtool always encounters a BUS ERROR trying to access  the GPIO registers.

We're in the process of upgrading Linux from 2.6.35 to 3.14.33.


tls450# cat /proc/iomem

50008000-5000bfff : mmc0

53f80800-53f809ff : /soc/aips@50000000/usbmisc@53f80800

53f84000-53f87fff : /soc/aips@50000000/gpio@53f84000

53f88000-53f8bfff : /soc/aips@50000000/gpio@53f88000

53f8c000-53f8ffff : /soc/aips@50000000/gpio@53f8c000

53f90000-53f93fff : /soc/aips@50000000/gpio@53f90000

53f98000-53f9bfff : /soc/aips@50000000/wdog@53f98000

53fa8000-53fabfff : /soc/aips@50000000/iomuxc@53fa8000

53fb4000-53fb7fff : /soc/aips@50000000/pwm@53fb4000

53fb8000-53fbbfff : /soc/aips@50000000/pwm@53fb8000

53fc0000-53fc3fff : imx-uart

53fdc000-53fdffff : /soc/aips@50000000/gpio@53fdc000

53fe0000-53fe3fff : /soc/aips@50000000/gpio@53fe0000

53fe4000-53fe7fff : /soc/aips@50000000/gpio@53fe4000

53fec000-53feffff : /soc/aips@50000000/i2c@53fec000

63fb0000-63fb3fff : 63fb0000.sdma

63fc4000-63fc7fff : /soc/aips@60000000/i2c@63fc4000

63fec000-63feffff : /soc/aips@60000000/ethernet@63fec000

70000000-efffffff : System RAM

  70008000-70749f33 : Kernel code

  70780000-70d238e7 : Kernel data

f8000000-f801ffff : /soc/sram@f8000000