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MQX USB stack with vendor specific class

Question asked by Diego Bovi on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by Carl Norman



I'm trying to interface a Telit LE920 module to a custom board with a ColdFire CPU and MQX 3.8 via USB.

This module generates 5 serial port on my PC but when I connect it to my board, nothing happens.

Defining _HOST_DEBUG i found that the module is recognized, but the stack doesn't find any match in the driver info table.

So I modify the driver info table as follows:


static  USB_HOST_DRIVER_INFO DriverInfoTable[] =



      {0x00,0x00},                  /* Vendor ID per USB-IF             */

      {0x00,0x00},                  /* Product ID per manufacturer      */

      0xFF,//USB_CLASS_COMMUNICATION,      /* Class code                       */

      0xFF,//USB_SUBCLASS_COM_ABSTRACT,    /* Sub-Class code                   */

      0xFF,                         /* Protocol                         */

      0,                            /* Reserved                         */

      usb_host_cdc_acm_event        /* Application call back function   */



Now the stack calls the function usb_host_cdc_acm_event() but it is not able to find the class to use because it's value is 0xFF from the device descriptor ( it's 0xFF also on my PC ).


What I have to do to handle the Vendor Specific Class? I fails in the function _usb_hostdev_select_interface().


The source code i'm using is in the folder host\example\cdc\cdc_serial\cdc_serial.c


Thank you