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BQ27621 integrated with IMX6 solo lite

Question asked by Vinothraj M on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by jimmychan


I am trying to  integrate the BQ27621 with IMX6 Solo Lite in android platform.

I get the driver for BQ27621 from below link:

linux-bq27xxx/bq27x00_battery.c at master · aneeshv/linux-bq27xxx · GitHub

And i added the driver and compile it .

When i booted the board and it works fine it shows the battery capacity, percentage etc.

But when I switch on and load the Wif modulei of the board and it goes  KERNEL PANIC .


I am using  both below versions. Both shows same problem.

I  attached the boot log file. Please find it . OR ANY other driver file for  BQ27621,Please suggest it. !

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