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TWR-K60D100M Developer's board,

Question asked by Imran Khan on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by Yaran Nan

Hi Forum,


I have TWR-K60D100 developer board with MCU with USB and Ethernet port with an Encryption such as DES1 DES3 AES SHA1 SHA256 and RSA with in communicating over the SPI Bus to FPGA, it is a low powered device. I am hoping to figure out following


1/ Currently there were no documentation or supporting software CD/DVD etc as far too many engineer worked and given up, hence therefore, I have to get developer tools and source code to get started?

2/ I cannot find any thing free of on an Internet as a dev tools. I was hoping to get Linux Developer tool chain over Fed 20 with ARM Compiler and tool chain for TWR-K60 board

3/ But scavenging whole net past few weeks yielded nothing as this Board Does not have MMU hence therefore limited use of boot loader LINUX kernel is out of the question.

4/ Currently TWR-K60 does not communicate over JTAG using a minicom or any serial communication.

5/ My target is to get the source code for TWR K60 which I understood to be a bare metal version of ARM

6/ Build the source code image and upload in to board to bring up

7/ It seems to be communication issue over USB or serial port while my Fedora 20 running as on VM Box

8/ Board seems to be lightening up but no communication with Host hence no possibility to upload OS

9/ Do have to use Window based Code warrior dev tool from freescale?

0/ If any one can shed a light on this subject please, as I only have Fedora 20 with GNU Tool chain with ARM Compiler and its tool chain.


I will be grateful if you any one can put me in the right direction please.

Thank you,