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i.MX6 VPU H.264 Encoder Quality Issues

Question asked by Charles Newby on Mar 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by Vadim Ignatov

OS is: Yocto Project Linux 3.10.17

BSP is: apalis_imx6-angstrom-linux-gnueabi

IMX VPU library is: imx-vpu-3.10.17-1.0.0


To all of you VPU mavens out there,

I'm having difficulty setting up then running the VPU H.264 encoder in that the quality of the H.264 video encoded with the simple, single-threaded 'C' program that I have written.  Although I have lots of experience with the codecs for the Texas Instruments DaVinci family of digital media processors, I'm new to the i.MX6 and how to setup the H.264 encoder for the VPU.



BigBuckBunny_640x360.yuv (I420 YUV) file —> VPU H.264 encode —> BigBuckBunny_640x360.h264 file —> VLC player



When the GOP size = 1 or 2, i.e.,  IIII or IPIP..., the H.264 ES video quality is normal, i.e., I see some noisy macro-blocks in high motion areas but nothing that I consider problematic.  However, whenever GOP size > 2, the resulting H.264 ES video quality is unacceptable, e.g., I see areas, in a sequence of video frames, where a large group of contiguous macro-blocks—10% of the scene area or more—have incorrect YUV values relative to the surrounding scene such that the resulting video is unwatchable.  In addition, some sequences of video frames show missing macro-blocks as well as macro-block "tearing" around the edges of visual objects.


Things I've Tried / Looked Into:

   1. The YUV source file, i.e., BigBuckBunny_640x360.yuv with a YUV analysis tool and see that it is pristine.

   2. The versions of VLC are 2.0.8 on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 and 2.1.15 on OS X—video quality is the same on both.

   3. A huge number of different (reasonable) combinations of VPU H.264 encoder setup / operating parameters including

       bit rate, GOP size, QPMin / QPMax parameters, etc.


Except for changing the GOP size to either 1 or 2, nothing helps: what am I missing?  I hope the problem is a basic cockpit error so, hopefully, someone in the community can see the error(s) I've made.